To honour God with our voices and our music.
To sing together to achieve choral excellence.  Together, we develop our own unique and expressive sound.
To encourage singers of all ages to come together to make beautiful music, to foster friendships, to encourage each other and to pray for and support each other.
To provide a Music Ministry to Church congregations of all denominations within Toowoomba and the Region, presenting Easter and Christmas messages in song.
To continually improve our attention to detail, thereby creating an atmosphere that provides artistic growth for our singers and which will spiritually uplift and delight our audiences of all ages while bringing a deeper understanding and broader appreciation for choral music.
To share with our audiences a rich variety of sacred and secular choral music from the 18th Century to the 21st Century while providing our singers with challenging, diverse and joyful singing experiences.

Exultate Mission

To bring young singers together to have fun musically and make new friends

To gain musical skills in a safe, loving and family environment

To explore all genres of unison and 2 part repertoire

To develop correct singing technique at a young and impressionable age

To develop and gain confidence in stage craft, drama, rhythm, dance and movement

To gain confidence in performing that will last a lifetime